Dutchess County STAR Tax Savings

STAR Tax Savings
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Dutchess County 2023-2024 School Levy Year (by municipality)

Municipal nameSchool district nameClass*Basic*Enhanced*
City of BeaconBeaconH$575$1,319
City of BeaconBeaconN$771$1,775
City of PoughkeepsiePoughkeepsieH$532$1,285
City of PoughkeepsiePoughkeepsieN$757$1,584
Town of AmeniaDover$707$1,763
Town of AmeniaNortheast$412$971
Town of BeekmanArlingtonH$869$1,990
Town of BeekmanArlingtonN$1,158$2,653
Town of BeekmanPawling$898$2,057
Town of ClintonHyde Park$824$1,888
Town of ClintonMillbrook$529$1,212
Town of ClintonPine Plains$477$1,092
Town of ClintonRhinebeck$532$1,237
Town of DoverDover$764$1,772
Town of DoverNortheast$401$918
Town of DoverPawling$890$1,972
Town of East FishkillArlingtonH$850$1,987
Town of East FishkillArlingtonN$1,090$2,580
Town of East FishkillCarmel$988$2,214
Town of East FishkillPawling$873$2,062
Town of East FishkillWappingersH$620$1,391
Town of East FishkillWappingersN$841$1,896
Town of FishkillBeaconH$547$1,257
Town of FishkillBeaconN$759$1,757
Town of FishkillHaldane$610$1,397
Town of FishkillWappingersH$585$1,340
Town of FishkillWappingersN$804$1,840
Town of Hyde ParkArlingtonH$993$2,157
Town of Hyde ParkArlingtonN$1,107$2,503
Town of Hyde ParkHyde Park$841$1,822
Town of Hyde ParkRhinebeck$547$1,279
Town of La GrangeArlingtonH$860$1,969
Town of La GrangeArlingtonN$1,093$2,503
Town of La GrangeMillbrook$529$1,212
Town of La GrangeWappingersH$585$1,340
Town of La GrangeWappingersN$793$1,815
Town of MilanPine Plains$477$1,092
Town of MilanRed Hook$784$1,796
Town of MilanRhinebeck$545$1,256
Town of NortheastCopake-Taconic Hills$367$907
Town of NortheastNortheast$401$918
Town of NortheastPine Plains$477$1,092
Town of PawlingArlingtonH$832$1,802
Town of PawlingArlingtonN$1,087$2,333
Town of PawlingPawling$811$1,892
Town of Pine PlainsPine Plains$477$1,092
Town of Pleasant ValleyArlingtonH$857$1,881
Town of Pleasant ValleyArlingtonN$1,098$2,408
Town of Pleasant ValleyHyde Park$824$1,885
Town of Pleasant ValleyMillbrook$529$1,138
Town of PoughkeepsieArlingtonH$849$2,001
Town of PoughkeepsieArlingtonN$1,087$2,562
Town of PoughkeepsieHyde Park$811$1,913
Town of PoughkeepsieSpackenkillH$828$1,925
Town of PoughkeepsieSpackenkillN$2,139$4,372
Town of PoughkeepsieWappingersH$617$1,392
Town of PoughkeepsieWappingersN$833$1,898
Town of Red HookRed Hook$784$1,796
Town of Red HookRhinebeck$522$1,229
Town of RhinebeckHyde Park$811$1,913
Town of RhinebeckRed Hook$798$1,816
Town of RhinebeckRhinebeck$522$1,229
Town of StanfordMillbrook$529$1,093
Town of StanfordNortheast$401$918
Town of StanfordPine Plains$477$1,092
Town of StanfordRhinebeck$522$1,229
Town of Union ValeArlingtonH$885$2,027
Town of Union ValeArlingtonN$1,346$3,083
Town of Union ValeDover$773$1,771
Town of Union ValeMillbrook$529$1,212
Town of WappingerArlingtonH$850$1,966
Town of WappingerArlingtonN$1,079$2,491
Town of WappingerBeaconH$553$1,281
Town of WappingerBeaconN$740$1,712
Town of WappingerWappingersH$587$1,344
Town of WappingerWappingersN$795$1,821
Town of WashingtonDover$726$1,708
Town of WashingtonMillbrook$551$1,268
Town of WashingtonNortheast$400$942

*Please note STAR amounts on this page are taken directly from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and local jurisdiction. We make every effort to present accurate and reliable data, however, this information is subject to change. The best and most accurate source of information about your municipality can be obtained by contacting your local assessor.