Orange County STAR Tax Savings

STAR Tax Savings
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Orange County 2023-2024 School Levy Year (by municipality)

Municipal nameSchool district nameClass*Basic*Enhanced*
City of MiddletownMiddletown$699$1,734
City of NewburghNewburgh$741$1,822
City of Port JervisPort Jervis$851$2,040
Town of Blooming GroveChester$770$1,815
Town of Blooming GroveMonroe-Woodbury$862$2,031
Town of Blooming GroveWashingtonville$782$1,844
Town of ChesterChester$749$1,765
Town of ChesterGoshen$739$1,742
Town of ChesterMonroe-Woodbury$839$1,967
Town of ChesterWarwick Valley$700$1,651
Town of CornwallCornwall$848$1,972
Town of CornwallNewburgh$729$1,718
Town of CornwallWashingtonville$766$1,782
Town of CrawfordPine Bush$726$1,710
Town of CrawfordValley$720$1,697
Town of DeerparkEldred$469$1,075
Town of DeerparkPort Jervis$905$2,091
Town of GoshenChester$758$1,779
Town of GoshenFlorida$845$1,991
Town of GoshenGoshen$748$1,764
Town of GoshenMiddletown$712$1,731
Town of GreenvilleMinisink Valley$756$1,701
Town of HamptonburghGoshen$760$1,760
Town of HamptonburghValley$731$1,713
Town of HamptonburghWashingtonville$783$1,798
Town of HighlandsHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of HighlandsHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,209$2,848
Town of HighlandsHighland Falls$719$1,680
Town of MinisinkMinisink Valley$746$1,616
Town of MonroeMonroe-Woodbury$861$1,982
Town of MontgomeryPine Bush$734$1,771
Town of MontgomeryValley$746$1,757
Town of MontgomeryWallkill$824$2,016
Town of Mount HopeMinisink Valley$747$1,761
Town of Mount HopePine Bush$726$1,710
Town of Mount HopePort Jervis$888$2,110
Town of New WindsorCornwall$828$1,834
Town of New WindsorNewburgh$740$1,765
Town of New WindsorValley$748$1,648
Town of New WindsorWashingtonville$777$1,806
Town of NewburghMarlboro$818$1,787
Town of NewburghNewburgh$737$1,779
Town of NewburghValley$756$1,723
Town of NewburghWallkill$877$2,066
Town of Palm TreeKiryas Joel Village$350$862
Town of TuxedoHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of TuxedoHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,247$2,937
Town of TuxedoMonroe-Woodbury$849$1,947
Town of TuxedoSuffern$762$1,745
Town of TuxedoTuxedo$435$1,003
Town of WallkillGoshen$749$1,764
Town of WallkillMiddletown$740$1,744
Town of WallkillMinisink Valley$716$1,757
Town of WallkillPine Bush$722$1,710
Town of WallkillValley$720$1,697
Town of WarwickFlorida$878$2,042
Town of WarwickGreenwood Lake$740$1,746
Town of WarwickTuxedo$437$1,002
Town of WarwickWarwick Valley$726$1,725
Town of WawayandaGoshen$774$1,795
Town of WawayandaMiddletown$734$1,809
Town of WawayandaMinisink Valley$771$1,693
Town of WoodburyCornwall$818$1,912
Town of WoodburyHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of WoodburyHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,206$2,840
Town of WoodburyHighland FallsNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of WoodburyMonroe-Woodbury$820$1,933

*Please note STAR amounts on this page are taken directly from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and local jurisdiction. We make every effort to present accurate and reliable data, however, this information is subject to change. The best and most accurate source of information about your municipality can be obtained by contacting your local assessor.