Orange County STAR Tax Savings

Municipal nameSchool district nameClass*BasicEnhanced
City of MiddletownMiddletown$845$1,734
City of NewburghNewburgh$835$1,911
City of Port JervisPort Jervis$891$2,040
Town of Blooming GroveChester$806$1,829
Town of Blooming GroveMonroe-Woodbury$915$2,058
Town of Blooming GroveWashingtonville$842$1,908
Town of ChesterChester$781$1,788
Town of ChesterGoshen$779$1,767
Town of ChesterMonroe-Woodbury$859$1,967
Town of ChesterWarwick Valley$742$1,699
Town of CornwallCornwall$848$1,972
Town of CornwallNewburgh$749$1,742
Town of CornwallWashingtonville$766$1,782
Town of CrawfordPine Bush$801$1,775
Town of CrawfordValley$778$1,781
Town of DeerparkEldred$469$1,075
Town of DeerparkPort Jervis$913$2,091
Town of GoshenChester$777$1,779
Town of GoshenFlorida$881$2,017
Town of GoshenGoshen$781$1,789
Town of GoshenMiddletown$811$1,821
Town of GreenvilleMinisink Valley$756$1,701
Town of HamptonburghGoshen$769$1,760
Town of HamptonburghValley$748$1,713
Town of HamptonburghWashingtonville$785$1,798
Town of HighlandsHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of HighlandsHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,295$2,966
Town of HighlandsHighland Falls$734$1,680
Town of MinisinkMinisink Valley$746$1,616
Town of MonroeMonroe-Woodbury$861$1,982
Town of MontgomeryPine Bush$793$1,832
Town of MontgomeryValley$777$1,808
Town of MontgomeryWallkill$901$2,016
Town of Mount HopeMinisink Valley$786$1,800
Town of Mount HopePine Bush$812$1,859
Town of Mount HopePort Jervis$962$2,203
Town of New WindsorCornwall$860$1,834
Town of New WindsorNewburgh$759$1,765
Town of New WindsorValley$748$1,648
Town of New WindsorWashingtonville$777$1,806
Town of NewburghMarlboro$891$1,787
Town of NewburghNewburgh$807$1,877
Town of NewburghValley$790$1,723
Town of NewburghWallkill$918$2,102
Town of Palm TreeKiryas Joel Village$383$877
Town of TuxedoHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of TuxedoHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,298$2,975
Town of TuxedoMonroe-Woodbury$849$1,947
Town of TuxedoSuffern$762$1,745
Town of TuxedoTuxedo$438$1,003
Town of WallkillGoshen$817$1,819
Town of WallkillMiddletown$823$1,916
Town of WallkillMinisink Valley$793$1,780
Town of WallkillPine Bush$819$1,858
Town of WallkillValley$795$1,821
Town of WarwickFlorida$892$2,042
Town of WarwickGreenwood Lake$768$1,758
Town of WarwickTuxedo$450$1,002
Town of WarwickWarwick Valley$754$1,725
Town of WawayandaGoshen$796$1,795
Town of WawayandaMiddletown$803$1,815
Town of WawayandaMinisink Valley$775$1,693
Town of WoodburyCornwall$852$1,912
Town of WoodburyHaverstraw-Stony PointHNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of WoodburyHaverstraw-Stony PointN$1,339$3,007
Town of WoodburyHighland FallsNO TAXABLE PROPERTY
Town of WoodburyMonroe-Woodbury$876$1,967