Putnam County STAR Tax Savings

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Putnam County 2021-2022 School Levy Year (by municipality)

MunicipalitySchool DistrictClassBasic*Enhanced*
Town of CarmelBrewsterH$953$2,194
Town of CarmelBrewsterN$1,347$3,100
Town of CarmelCarmel$1,214$2,691
Town of CarmelLakeland$1,091$2,539
Town of CarmelMahopac$1,041$2,405
Town of CarmelNorth Salem$952$2,184
Town of CarmelPutnam Valley$1,194$2,779
Town of KentCarmel$1,269$2,893
Town of KentWappingersH$825$1,779
Town of KentWappingersN$1,065$2,381
Town of PattersonBrewsterH$981$2,259
Town of PattersonBrewsterN$1,342$3,122
Town of PattersonCarmel$1,213$2,778
Town of PattersonPawling$1,119$2,563
Town of PhilipstownGarrison$456$1,040
Town of PhilipstownHaldane$800$1,814
Town of PhilipstownLakeland$1,122$2,580
Town of PhilipstownWappingersH$752$1,619
Town of PhilipstownWappingersN$1,042$2,215
Town of Putnam ValleyCarmel$1,212$2,776
Town of Putnam ValleyGarrison$444$1,016
Town of Putnam ValleyHaldane$760$1,741
Town of Putnam ValleyLakeland$1,083$2,519
Town of Putnam ValleyMahopac$1,041$2,406
Town of Putnam ValleyPutnam Valley$1,198$2,745
Town of SoutheastBrewsterH$981$2,260
Town of SoutheastBrewsterN$1,358$3,135
Town of SoutheastCarmel$1,214$2,706
Town of SoutheastNorth Salem$918$2,102

*Please note STAR amounts on this page are taken directly from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and local jurisdiction. We make every effort to present accurate and reliable data, however, this information is subject to change. The best and most accurate source of information about your municipality can be obtained by contacting your local assessor.