Westchester County STAR Tax Savings

STAR Tax Savings – You asked for them, we have them!

Westchester County 2023-2024 School Levy Year (by municipality)

MunicipalitySchool DistrictClassBasic*Enhanced*
Westchester Cities
City of Mount VernonMount Vernon$1,748$4,360
City of New RochelleNew Rochelle$1,551$3,592
City of PeekskillHendrick Hudson$1,388$3,226
City of PeekskillPeekskill$1,725$3,958
City of RyeRye$796$1,853
City of RyeRye NeckHomestead$1,238$2,882
City of RyeRye NeckNon-Homestead$1,411$3,314
City of White PlainsWhite Plains$1,473$3,416
City of YonkersYonkers$ 967$2,318
Westchester Towns
Town of BedfordBedford$1,219$2,442
Town of BedfordByram Hills$1,234$2,564
Town of BedfordKatonah-Lewisboro$1,595$3,711
Town of CortlandtCroton-Harmon$1,564$3,704
Town of CortlandtHendrick Hudson$1,412$3,317
Town of CortlandtLakeland$1,850$4,420
Town of CortlandtPutnam Valley$2,095$4,525
Town of CortlandtYorktown$1,838$4,318
Town of EastchesterEastchester$1,373$3,205
Town of EastchesterTuckahoe$1,437$3,352
Village of BronxvilleBronxville$1,123$2,612
Town of GreenburghArdsley$1,763$4,128
Town of GreenburghDobbs Ferry$1,740$4,124
Town of GreenburghEdgemont$1,646$3,830
Town of GreenburghElmsford$1,576$3,427
Town of GreenburghGreenburgh$1,216$2,776
Town of GreenburghHastings Hudson$1,697$3,973
Town of GreenburghIrvington$1,605$3,735
Town of GreenburghPocantico Hills$ 738$1,717
Town of GreenburghTarrytowns$1,704$4,061
Town of GreenburghValhalla$1,594$3,373
Town of HarrisonHarrison$1,047$2,232
Town of LewisboroKatonah-Lewisboro$1,634$3,559
Town of MamaroneckMamaroneck$1,099$2,557
Town of MamaroneckScarsdale$1,228$2,693
Town of Mt KiscoBedford$1,224$2,452
Town of Mt PleasantBriarcliff Manor$1,728$3,962
Town of Mt PleasantByram Hills$1,293$2,589
Town of Mt PleasantChappaqua$1,715$3,558
Town of Mt PleasantMount Pleasant$1,569$3,152
Town of Mt PleasantPleasantville$1,709$3,995
Town of Mt PleasantPocantico Hills$ 746$1,742
Town of Mt PleasantTarrytowns$1,764$4,073
Town of Mt PleasantValhalla$1,632$3,458
Town of New CastleBedford$1,212$2,429
Town of New CastleByram Hills$1,272$2,592
Town of New CastleChappaqua$1,702$3,676
Town of New CastleOssining$1,888$4,250
Town of New CastlePleasantville$1,607$3,960
Town of New CastleYorktown$1,708$4,138
Town of North CastleBedford$1,225$2,457
Town of North CastleByram Hills$1,273$2,621
Town of North CastleHarrison$ 995$2,130
Town of North CastleMount Pleasants$1,472$2,951
Town of North CastleValhalla$1,591$3,314
Town of North SalemKatonah-Lewisboro$1,620$3,419
Town of North SalemNorth Salem$1,528$3,061
Town of OssiningBriarcliff Manor$1,697$3,978
Town of OssiningOssining$1,920$4,304
Town of PelhamPelhamHomestead$1,455$3,386
Town of PelhamPelhamNon-Homestead$1,964$4,570
Town of Pound RidgeBedford$1,175$2,354
Town of Pound RidgeKatonah-Lewisboro$1,573$3,536
Town of RyeBlind Brook-RyeHomestead$1,360$3,091
Town of RyeBlind Brook-RyeNon-Homestead$2,122$4,634
Town of RyeHarrison$1,010$2,161
Town of RyePort Chester-RyeHomestead$1,068$2,667
Town of RyePort Chester-RyeNon-Homestead$1,693$3,991
Town of RyeRye NeckHomestead$1,279$2,975
Town of RyeRye NeckNon-Homestead$1,571$3,702
Town of ScarsdaleScarsdale$1,218$2,759
Town of SomersLakeland$1,768$4,388
Town of SomersNorth Salem$1,591$3,226
Town of SomersSomers$1,652$3,409
Town of YorktownCroton-Harmon$1,546$3,650
Town of YorktownLakeland$1,845$4,357
Town of YorktownOssining$1,960$4,160
Town of YorktownYorktown$1,802 $4,255

*Please note STAR amounts on this page are taken directly from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance and local jurisdiction. We make every effort to present accurate and reliable data, however, this information is subject to change. The best and most accurate source of information about your municipality can be obtained by contacting your local assessor.