Ulster County Residential Assessment Ratios

The Residential Assessment Ratio (RAR) is the factor that is used to translate the total assessment of one, two or three family homes to the municipality’s assumed value for tax purposes. The RAR is issued annually by the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services and increases when the market is declining and vice versa.

Please be advised that the RAR’s listed below are the latest available. New RAR’s will be posted as soon as they are available; usually sixty days prior to the publication of the tentative assessment roll.

Example: A hypothetical total assessment in the Town of Kingston of $480,000 would translate to an assumed value of $705,882 using the 2022 RAR of 68%. ($480,000/.68)

Municipality NameRARAssessment Year
CityKingston62.72 2022
TownDenning11.47 2022
TownEsopus70.00 2022
TownGardiner72.00 2022
TownHardenburgh46.46 2022
TownHurley63.19 2022
TownKingston68.00 2022
TownLloyd73.29 2022
TownMarbletown70.00 2022
TownMarlborough66.14 2022
TownNew Paltz69.71 2022
TownOlive100.00 2022
TownPlattekill67.00 2022
TownRochester72.00 2022
TownRosendale74.00 2022
TownSaugerties100.00 2022
TownShandaken13.07 2022
TownShawangunk13.93 2022
TownUlster48.03 2022
TownWawarsing60.22 2022
TownWoodstock61.00 2022

Please note RAR’s listed on this page are subject to revisions. We make every effort to present accurate and reliable data, but this information is susceptible to change on a daily basis. The best and most accurate source of information about your municipality can be obtained by contacting your local assessor.